Public Adult Education of Massachusetts gives adult learners the chance to do more—now and in the future.

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more per year is earned by people
with a high school diploma or equivalent

Source: #MoveAheadWithAdultEd


increase in income over 10 years for those who have a high school diploma or equivalent

Source: #MoveAheadWithAdultEd


working age-adults in MA who could benefit from high school credentials

Source: COABE

what is public adult education?

Public Adult Education is a state-supported system that provides no-cost education for adult learners across the state. Our programs bridge the gap between living and learning. We make it possible for anyone in Massachusetts—no matter who they are or where they are in their life story—to pursue an education and advance in their careers.

can public adult education fit with my life?

Adult learners have busy lives and often give up a lot to go back to school. They face many challenges, but they are determined to get an education. Our free programs help them by offering flexible schedules and lots of support so they can reach their goals.

what programs are available to me?

Through our no-cost programs, students can earn high school equivalency credentials (GED/HiSET), boost English language skills, and gain the tools they need to succeed.

how can public adult education help me?

Public Adult Education is about more than getting a better job. It’s a chance for adult learners to improve their people skills, gain confidence, and make the most of what they’ve learned in life.

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There are many benefits to working with Public Adult Education students. You’ll be utilizing the talents of people who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals—no matter what. If there is anyone you should want to teach or hire, it’s one of our students.

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Public Adult Education can help you grow beyond what you thought possible. Find a program that works for you and join the adult education community today.

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